Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't think he would have been an actor if he hadn't grown up in Los Angeles.

The 'Inception' actor - who started appearing in TV shows and commercials aged 13 - insists he was only able to follow his dream because he lived so close to where many major movies are made, making it easier for him to attend auditions.

He said: "My earliest memories were of wanting to be an actor, and ironically I lived in LA but never felt like I could be a part of that club, so it was merely the fact I was in such close proximity to be able to go to auditions after school.

"Certainly I think if we had lived in a different state then we wouldn't have had the means to be able to go and live in Los Angeles."

The 35-year-old star insists he is still thankful for his success and would never take anything for granted.

He added in an interview with US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight': "I got immersed in this world and feel extremely lucky every day, I feel like I hit the lottery and I don't take it for granted."

Leonardo - who is dating model BAR RAFAELI - loves being able to relax with his family and friends, even though his celebrity status is a source of ridicule for them.

He said: "What keeps me grounded is my friends and family and being able to joke around and have a sense of humour. They laugh at me about everything and I give it right back. Being able to have the sanctity of people you know and love and trust really makes you feel safe in this environment."