Leonardo Dicaprio wishes he had taken advantage of his 'Titanic' success sooner.

The 'Django Unchained' star - who walked his former co-star Kate Winslet down the aisle earlier this month - has admitted he should have sought out much more work in the wake of the blockbuster's box office success in 1997.

The 38-year-old actor told the 'Today' show: ''I probably should have done more movies during that time period. I took a solid break. I didn't even understand what a hit was, you know? That movie came out and people were like, 'This movie is doing amazingly well!' and I'm like, 'Good, that's great!'''

But the actor thinks the movie had a huge impact on his career and enabled him to be more selective, saying it ''gave me an opportunity, from that point on, to choose the roles I wanted to do.''

Earlier this year James Cameron, the director of 'Titanic,' revealed that the Leonardo absolutely hated getting wet while on the set of the movie.

He said: ''Leo was like a Siamese cat trying to get into the water. He made a huge production of it every time. The water could be 80 degrees but he hated to get wet - or he pretended he hated to get wet.

''It turned out on the last day of shooting, we had to do an underwater scene and he said, 'I'm a certified scuba diver,' What was all this stuff with the cat and getting into the water? I wanted to wring his neck.''