Leonardo Dicaprio believes Martin Scorsese's films will still be watched in 1,000 years.

The 35-year-old star - who has worked with the filmmaker on four movies, most recently 'Shutter Island' - believes the director's close relationship with his cast has contributed to him creating timeless pieces of work.

He said: "I think of Martin Scorsese and a thousand years from now there watching his films. There are those few artists who will stand out to define their art form and he's one of them. It's his relationship with the actors which I think defines him.

"He really looks to his actors to navigate the emotional narrative of the stories he's telling.

Leonardo also claims he would like to work with the 67-year-old director again should the opportunity arise.

He said: "I'd jump at another opportunity to work with him. But as far as any specific project is concerned, there is nothing set in stone.

"What you do in this business is you develop material forever and you go on and on and on and finally one day you're left with a script that's good enough to do. I know he's been working on a script for a while now and there's a couple of other things we've been talking about but until I sign on the dotted line and there's a start date nothing is really real."