Leonardo Dicaprio considered quitting acting after starring in 'Titanic'.

The 35-year-old actor didn't enjoy the fame he achieved by starring in the blockbuster movie because his appearance took precedence over his acting ability.

Leonardo - who starred in the movie with Kate Winslet - said: "At first I hated the way I was turned into a pretty boy, as if that was all that was expected of me.

"It made me almost want to stop acting for a while because the attention that was focused on me was not where I wanted to take my career.

"I didn't want to do romantic films or anything which just exploited my image or appearance. I also kind of had to be more careful about the friends I was hanging out with. I was living a pretty big life for a while and then that just gets tiresome."

Leonardo has also revealed children could be on the cards for him and girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

The 'Shutter Island' star admits family has become more important to him since the death of his 93-year-old grandmother Helene Indenbirken in 2008.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Family is something I'm starting to think about more and more, especially now that my grandmother is no longer around. It makes you think about the importance of things and how important it is to be part of a family - to have some meaning apart from your work."