Leonardo Dicaprio was wary of working with TITANIC co-star Kate Winslet again - but soon managed to convince himself as he believes she is "the best actress of her generation".
The pair, who played star-crossed lovers in the 1997 movie, have teamed up again for forthcoming film Revolutionary Road, the story of a couple struggling with suburban life in 1950s America.
DiCaprio reveals he was unsure of working with Winslet after the phenomenal success of Titanic - but managed to put his worries behind him to team up with the British beauty again.
He tells Entertainment Weekly, "Over the years, I would find myself stopping and saying, ''I don't know if we should do this again.'' And then I'd think, ''What are you, an idiot? Why wouldn't I want to work with the best actress of her generation? Am I going to be prejudiced against a project just because Kate's in it?''
"I think we both had been actively looking for something else to do together, but we fundamentally knew that we couldn't tread on any sort of similar territory."