Deadly snakes constantly threatened Leonardo Dicaprio and his castmates on the set of new movie BLOOD DIAMOND and reptile wranglers had to be brought in to keep the actors from harm. The TITANIC star, who received a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination for his role as DANNY ARCHER in the film yesterday (14DEC06), reveals director Edward Zwick would often stop filming when a black mamba slithered onto the set. He says, "There were highly venomous snakes all around. It was a tough shoot and we'd literally be in the middle of a take and they'd say, 'Cut,' and I'd go, 'OK, what happened? Did I mess up my line?' 'No, black mamba, black mamba.' "A guy would run out with a stick, capture the black mamba, and they'd go, 'Alright, rolling.' "These are like snakes that could kill you within, like, a minute... It's like the most highly venomous, aggressive snake in the world."