Leonardo Dicaprio is having so much fun filming new movie INCEPTION in the U.K. he wants to buy a home in England, according to reports.
The Titanic star has turned to British film-maker Guy Ritchie for property advice after deciding to purchase a country mansion in the U.K.
DiCaprio was spotted asking Ritchie about moving abroad during a night out at the director's London pub The Punchbowl, reports OK! magazine.
An onlooker is said to have heard the actor tell Ritchie, "I love England. I've got so many friends here and I'm fed up of going between hotels all the time while I'm filming."
And the 34 year old, who is rumoured to have split from supermodel Bar Refaeli earlier this summer (09), showed an interest in the country's women as well, allegedly asking the Snatch director: "Can you find me a British lady too?"