Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio was so shocked at the obsessive attention he got from women after his starring role in 1997 movie TITANIC, he was determined not to make any more blockbusters. DiCaprio, who played JACK DAWSON in James Cameron's multi-Oscar winner, was instantly propelled to heart-throb status. And the Catch Me If You Can star hates the amount of attention he has duly received, as he considers himself a serious actor. He says, "I was walking through the airport in Paris and I remember looking down to see a girl holding on to my leg. "I said, 'Whatever illusions of grandeur you have about me they're not true. I will sit here and talk to you. I will look you in the eye and speak and it's fine. You don't need to dig your nails into my leg. It doesn't need to be this.' "It was that whole Titanic phenomenon, something that was so foreign to me."