Leonardo Dicaprio is happy to leave his days as a teen heart-throb behind him - insisting he wants to hand over the job to Zac Efron.
The Hollywood star shot to international stardom with films including 1996's Romeo + Juliet and Titanic a year later.
And playing such romantic leads endeared him to teenage girls the world over.
But DiCaprio is adamant that he has spent many years trying to shake the title of 'sex symbol' and is delighted to see new stars, like High School Musical star Efron, taking his place as the poster boy for young female fans.
He says, "I look at young Zac Efron and think ‘Go get it pal, leave me in peace.’ I was never happy with the teen idol tag at all - never wanted to be a sex symbol or all that stuff - it was the work that appealed to me. Really nothing else. (I have) total respect for how young stars like Zac handle it all. Really total respect.”