Leonardo Dicaprio is proud new movie BLOOD DIAMOND is educating people about the controversial diamond industry, but he insists he didn't accept the role to become a political campaigner. The TITANIC actor is pleased the film has brought the issue of conflict diamonds - precious stones sold to fund warfare - to the public's attention, but he denies accepting the role to rally against the diamond industry. He tells Empire magazine, "I wouldn't hold that candle and say that's what I did. If anything it was kind of a no-brainer, as you might say. First and foremost it's a great movie, but the cherry of the cake is that it does say something about the world we live in. "To be honest, I'm surprised the studio made a movie like this, and I hope and pray that people will go see it. Usually films with this kind of subject matter are on a much different scale. "I think any time anybody is educated by a movie that's a great thing."