Leonardo Dicaprio has claimed it is a "joke" that Martin Scorsese has not yet been given an Oscar for his work.

Scorsese, who directed DiCaprio's latest film THE DEPARTED, should be in line for the prestigious award as a formal recognition of the veteran filmmaker is "long overdue", according to the actor.

The Hollywood heartthrob told Reuters that it is almost a "practical joke" that Scorsese hasn't been given an Oscar yet, despite creating classic films such as RAGING BULL and TAXI DRIVER.

Nevertheless, his latest flick managed to claim a Golden Globe for best film this week, as well as being named best film and Scorsese best director by the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

These recent accolades have raised expectations that Scorsese may yet claim the top prize for either best picture or best director at the glitzy Oscars this year, but he told a press conference in Japan that he wasn't getting too carried away.

"I learnt a long time ago that, with MEAN STREETS and TAXI DRIVER, that you can't make a film to get the golden statue. And if you try it doesn't work," he said.

18/01/2007 11:40:44