Crusading Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio has defended his new documentary from critics' charges it's too quick to come up with solutions to difficult environmental problems. The Titanic star releases The 11th Hour in the U.S. on Friday (17Aug07) but has faced a barrage of criticism for failing to denote how bleak the situation is. But DiCaprio says, "It would have been pretty easy to make a film completely about doomsday scenarios, but people need to leave the theatre and feel like they are somewhat responsible and make the simple choice to be active in the movement." And Kenny Ausubel, a founder of environmental group Bioneers and advisor on The 11th Hour, agrees, adding, "To leave people (with a doomsday view), would be like, 'What do I do now, go home and shoot myself?' "The solutions are here. We already know what to do in most cases and even when we don't, we know what directions to head in."