Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet's love scenes in forthcoming movie REVOLUTIONARY ROAD had to be sexed up - by the actress' director husband Sam Mendes.
The Hollywood stars play a couple in the film and were often required to shoot intimate scenes under Mendes' guidance.
But the director wasn't bothered about his wife getting close to DiCaprio on set - and openly encouraged it.
Winslet tells the New York Daily News, "Initially I was very worried it would be difficult to concentrate (on the sex). But Leo was fine with it, which relaxed me.
"And I never sensed Sam feeling awkward. Quite the opposite. He'd yell from the other room: 'Press your hand into her back more! And when you take her face, really grab it!'"
Because Winslet had previously starred with DiCaprio in 1997 hit film Titanic, she was put immediately at ease by the rapport they already had with each other - and the pair regularly reverted to childish antics during their time filming the movie.
She adds, "Maybe if it had been anyone else but Leo, it would have been weird. But we're not really like grown-ups. We're like two little boys."
And Mendes is adamant he was fine with his wife's onscreen chemistry with DiCaprio: "I couldn't have been more comfortable with the situation. We'd done a lot of sequences like that before. So this time it was kind of easy."