A simmering feud between the director of the Berlin Film Festival and the organizer of an annual charity event that is staged concurrently with it has reached the boiling point. In an interview with the British trade publication Screen Daily , Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick angrily condemned Jaka Bizilj, who heads the Cinema for Peace event, which hands out awards to films promoting peace and the environment each year. He particularly objected to organizers of the charity referring to their award as "The Oscar With Brains." (This year's award was accepted by Leonardo Dicaprio for the documentary The 11th Hour.) "This is so insulting for me and my friends from the Oscar organization that I just don't want to have anything more to do with it," he said. He also accused Cinema for Peace of failing to publish the names of organizations that have benefited from the gala. Particularly galling, he indicated, was the fact that "everyone who comes to Berlin from Hollywood says that Cinema for Peace ... is part of the Berlinale." There was no immediate response from Cinema for Peace or Bizilj.