Leonardo Dicaprio is to team up again with the writer of the Oscar-winning film The Departed for another Hong Kong crime thriller remake, according to reports.

Writer William Monahan will work on the remake, entitled Confessions of Pain, whose rights have been bought by the Warner Bros studio.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the film follows two close friends  a police detective and a private detective  who team up to investigate the murder of the policeman's father-in-law.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who was nominated at the Baftas for best actor for his role in The Departed, is said to be lined up to star in the film.

The original film was created by the same team who made Infernal Affairs, on which The Departed was based.

Monahan's post-Oscars activity does not end there, however. According to reports in Variety he will also team up again with The Departed's director Martin Scorsese to work on a rock-and-roll epic entitled The Long Play.

Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony saw William Monahan take home the Oscar for best adapted screenplay and Martin Scorsese named as best director.

27/02/2007 12:45:36