Leonard Cohen 's former manager has been found guilty of harassing the crooner. The verdict comes as the result of a week-long trial, in which "hundreds of expletive-laced messages were read out in court," according to today's report from The Telegraph (April 13, 2012).
Leonard Cohen and Kelley Lynch's story is a long and troubled one. She was his manager for seventeen years and they were also briefly lovers. Cohen fired her in 2004, after discovering that she had stolen a significant fortune from him whilst he lived in a monastery near Los Angeles. As a result of the theft, the singer was forced to head back out onto the road to earn a living, despite being over 70 years old at the time. He sued Lynch at the time, and she was ordered by a judge to repay $9.5 million. In the meantime, Cohen experienced a resurgence in his popularity, after he headed back out on the road, partly to "rebuild his finances."
This latest episode in Cohen and Lynch's fractured relationship has seen Lynch on trial since last week. At the judge's request, Cohen himself read out some of the message that Kelley had sent to him, one of which said "Leonard Norman Cohen should be taken before a firing squad and shot." Currently, his former manager is in custody; bail was set at $25,000. She is expected to be sentenced next week.