Leonard Cohen is to play a special one-off show in the UK in the Autumn, in better news for the 77 year-old following a court visit last week where he lashed out at his former manager Kelley Lynch. Lynch stole $5 million from Cohen back in 2004 whilst he was away living in a monastery - indeed it was part of the reason why the veteran singer had to come back out of retirement in the last few years. However, he managed to get $9.5 million out of her when it came to trial. They've since been back in court as Lynch faces accusations of harassment through phone calls and emails.
This news comes as a pleasant break then, with Cohen set to play Hop Farm in Kent on September 8th, according to The Press Association. The same venue also holds the Hop Farm Festival that this year will see Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Suede headline; this is a separate event however and will see Cohen give a greatest hits set including tracks like 'Hallelijah,' 'I'm Your Man' and 'Suzanne.'