British singer Leona Lewis has reportedly stepped up security at her Los Angeles home amid fears she has become the target of an obsessed fan.
The Bleeding Love hitmaker is currently recording her new album in Los Angeles and is staying in her newly purchased mansion in the Hollywood HIlls.
Lewis, 24, first voiced fears over her safety after she was followed home by a man during a recent shopping trip, according to British newspaper the Daily Mirror.
The star is said to have made the decision to tighten her security arrangements after spotting the same man lurking around the property.
A source tells the publication, "Leona had just gone to the shops and was followed all the way back home by this man. She was completely unsettled by this and was pretty relieved to get back to the house safely. But when she looked out of the window the man was still there, staring at her. It freaked Leona out. She feared she was being stalked."
The inside adds, "She's had new electronic gates put in and CCTV installed which links directly to the local police."