British singer Leona Lewis has spent thousands of dollars on ethical clothing, which she will wear during her first solo tour when it kicks off later this week (beg24May10).
The Bleeding Love hitmaker, who is an animal rights activist, has spent $262,500 (£175,000) of her own money commissioning her stage outfits by designer Antonio Berardi - who has previously dressed Kylie Minogue and Madonna.
All of the items she will wear throughout the 16-date trek will meet specific animal welfare standards, reports Britain's The Sun.
A source tells the publication, "Leona has been very forceful with Antonio. She has insisted the outfits are as ethically sound as they can possibly be. She's paid for all the clothes out of her own pocket, so she has been quite hands-on in terms of design."
Lewis starts her shows in Sheffield, England on Friday (28May10).
She says, "I'm going to give everything every night. I have put so much love and care into making this over the last six months. I'm going to put on an incredible show".