X Factor winner Leona Lewis has translated her singles success into album sales, with her debut Spirit selling 130,000 copies in a day.

After reigning supreme at the top of the UK singles chart for three weeks with Bleeding Love, Leona's first studio album has proved just as popular with fans, selling as much as the rest of the top ten albums combined.

And the young singer could now be set to break the British record for the fastest-selling debut album ever.

Sheffield indiekids the Arctic Monkeys sold 363,735 copies of their first release Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not in a week in January 2006, but Leona could top 400,000 sales by the end of this week, according to industry insiders.

Gennaro Castaldo, an HMV spokesman, said: "This is proving to be a brilliant week for the UK music industry, with the top ten albums between them looking likely to sell the best part of a million copies.

"Leona's success in leading this surge is absolutely remarkable. Many of us expected the album to do really well, particularly following the number one success of Bleeding Love and the impact of Leona's appearance on The X Factor a few weeks ago, but very few people would have expected such phenomenal first day sales."

He added: "It's hard luck on the Spice Girls, who any other week would have had a number one album to cap their own return."

Spirit easily outsold the Spice Girls' Greatest Hits, as well as new releases from Westlife, Celine Dion, The Killers and Led Zeppelin.

"Aside from breaking the Arctic's record for the fastest selling debut album, Leona is already looking a safe bet for the Christmas number one, and is very likely to bank more than a million sales before the end of the year," Mr Castaldo added.

The top ten best selling albums this week, according to HMV, are:

1. Leona Lewis: Spirit
2. Spice Girls: Greatest Hits
3. Westlife: Back Home
4. Celine Dion: Taking Chances
5. The Killers: Sawdust
6. Led Zeppelin: Mothership
7. The Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden
8. Andrea Bocelli: Vivere: The Best Of
9. Cliff Richard: Love- The Album
10. Take That: Beautiful World (Souvenir Edition)

13/11/2007 16:50:29