Leona Lewis constantly mistakes famous people for her friends.

The 'Trouble' singer - who is currently single - admits she does not get starstruck because she often thinks she knows other people in the public eye, even if they don't know who she is.

She said: ''It's really weird. Usually when I see someone famous, for some reason, I think I know them.

''I've approached people so many times just because they are a familiar face. I smile at them and go to talk to them and clearly they don't know me! I've done it to Taylor Lautner from 'Twilight' and a few of the 'EastEnders' actors too. It's really embarrassing, but I do it all the time!''

Leona recently posted a picture on twitter of her posing with Elizabeth Hurley, and she admits she thinks the 'Bedazzled' actress is ''super-cool''.

She told new! magazine: ''We went to Milan Fashion Week to see the Cavalli show. It was the first time we'd met but she's super cool!''