Leona Lewis loves experimenting with beauty looks.

The 'Run' hitmaker - who has her own ethical cosmetics line with The Body Shop - is a fan of playing around with her make-up and hair and thinks the process of getting ready is like a ''game''.

She said in an interview with France's Closer magazine: ''I like taking care of my hair, playing with different styles, I also like putting make-up on and beauty products in general. In fact, I find it fun, I think of beauty in general as a bit of a game.

''That's why I find it so cool to have my own cosmetics line, and especially one that's so in keeping with my ethics and values I feel passionately about.''

Leona is a big fan of the natural look and has been advised to keep things simple when it comes to make-up.

Quizzed about the best beauty tip she's ever received, she replied: ''Less is more: my make-up artist always tells me the less you do, the better it looks.''

The 28-year-old star favours a natural glow over layers of foundation and likes to let her skin breathe when she's not on camera.

She said: ''When I'm not doing any concerts, interviews or photoshoots, my everyday make-up is pretty simple. I usually don't do anything to my skin.

''Otherwise, I might sometimes just mix a bit of foundation with my moisturiser. I only really wear mascara.''