Leona Lewis was left "petrified" after tarantulas invaded a photo shoot.

The British singer was posing for images for her second album on a cliff top in Malibu when a nest of the venomous spiders was disturbed, causing dozens of the hairy creatures to overrun the set.

Leona was so terrified, pest control services were called to ensure the area was safe and the shoot was delayed by two hours.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Someone on the set had disturbed the spiders' nest and they had come out to see what all the commotion was about. Leona was the first to see them and was petrified - frozen in fear and shrieking.

"For someone who professes to be such a nature lover, it was a bit of an unexpected reaction. But she was terrified of being bitten."

This was unusual behaviour for the 24-year-old beauty who is a strict vegetarian and self-confessed animal lover.

She recently saved a rabbit from becoming a homeless man's dinner.

Leona was shopping in Los Angeles when the man - who had a white bunny on a lead - told her he would probably eat it.

The shocked The 'Bleeding Love' singer then bought the rabbit from the man, and gave him $100 to buy food with.