British pop star Leona Lewis has taken part in a bizarre rabbit-themed photoshoot to celebrate a European ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

The Bleeding Love hitmaker is a keen animal rights campaigner and she was delighted when European Union (E.U.) bosses rubber-stamped the proposed ban earlier this year (13).

The ruling means no beauty products tested on animals can be legally sold in Europe, and to celebrate Lewis donned a bunny ears headband and pulled a series of wacky poses for Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the shots, the singer is shown clawing at the camera, blowing a kiss, cradling her chin in her hands, and pretending to punch herself in the face.

She tells the publication, "It's awesome. The E.U. ban will put pressure on the rest of the world: they won't be able to sell their animal-tested products in Europe any longer, so it makes financial sense that they replace their animal tests with alternative methods if they want to trade in this lucrative market."