Actress KATIE CASSIDY is learning to smile about Leona Lewis' mega-hit BLEEDING LOVE after spending much of 2008 cringing every time she heard the song written about her.
Pop star Jesse MCCartney started work on the tune during his three-year romance with Cassidy, the daughter of 70s pin-up David - and the song caused her nothing but heartache when it first hit the charts.
Cassidy was still recovering from her split with MCCartney when she heard the song for the first time on a family holiday in Mexico.
She tells Nylon Guys magazine, "After we broke up, there was definitely a period of time when I didn't really want to think about (him)."
But time has healed her wounds and now Cassidy smiles when she hears the Lewis hit.
She adds, "He's (MCCartney) a great guy... Maybe one day we'll work it out."