Seventies singer Leo Sayer is marking his musical comeback, by launching a second career as a novelist.

The Show Must Go On hitmaker, 57, is predicted to hit the UK number one spot on Sunday (12FEB06) with a reworked dance version of his 1977 hit THUNDER IN MY HEART.

The popularity of the track in nightclubs has convinced Sayer to make a new album and write a book.

In a column in British newspaper The Guardian, Sayer says, "I'm writing a new album and I'm writing a book. The star of the story is a musician, but he's Johnny Rotten to my Cliff Richard. He's based on everybody I've ever met; he's very different to me, and, at the same time, he's all the people I would have loved to have been.

"All those wild moments when you wish you had thrown the TV set out of the hotel window - he actually does it."