The actor portraying ex-ROLLING STONE BRIAN JONES in an upcoming biopic is living his life as the late musician, in a bid to make his performance more convincing.

Leo Gregory is about to play the hedonistic star and is keen to fully immerse himself into the psyche of the artist who was found dead in his swimming pool in 1969, weeks after being sacked from the JUMPIN' JACK FLASH group.

He explains, "I'm listening to the Stones on the walkman. I'm immersing myself in Brian Jones. Until we finish shooting I'm going to be living, breathing and excreting Brian Jones."

Gregory had recently finished filming vampire thriller PERFECT CREATURE in New Zealand when he got the call about the script and was told to get his "a*** in gear" for the screen test.

He adds, "I came in and tested and two days later I was told I had the gig."

24/09/2004 13:45