Lenny Kravitz won't drink alcohol or smoke on the road.

The 54-year-old singer admits it is a ''battle'' to keep his voice in good condition when he's touring so he does his best not to ''abuse'' it.

Asked how he looks after his voice, he told BANG Showbiz: ''Vocalise, try not to abuse it on the road, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I travel alone, being in the planes and the buses is enough to battle already.''

And the 'American Woman' hitmaker also credits his healthy diet for keeping his voice in good shape.

He added: ''I like to eat all organic food if possible, which is more possible now than it used to be, I eat a lot of raw food.''

Lenny believes his diet also keeps him looking youthful.

Quizzed on whether that's the secret to his appearance, he said: ''Absolutely, that and my family's genes, I've got to give them credit too. I don't actually [have a special skincare regime].''

The 'Fly Away' rocker used to buy his jewellery from pawn shops but admitted the unusual pieces he likes to buy are much harder to acquire these days.

He said: ''These are old pieces from the 60s, I find them in boutiques that sell old Native American things, back 30 years ago you could go to the pawn shops and find really great stuff, less and less now you have to go to dealers.''

Though Lenny - who has actress daughter Zoe with ex-wife Lisa Bonet - is often pictured sporting a ring on his wedding finger, he insisted it's for practical reasons, rather than having secretly tied the knot.

He explained: ''I like wearing rings on this finger, if I wear it on the pinkie when I play guitar, it hits the strings so it won't mess up my playing.''