The glitzy event kicked off in Miami Beach this week (beg30Nov15), and Lenny joined the line-up of celebrity artists by showing off his pictures in an exhibition titled Flash.

The show, housed in a gallery in the city's Design District, is accessed via an unsignposted staircase, and Lenny reportedly expressed his frustration over the lack of signage by spray-painting a large, black arrow on the wall pointing towards his exhibit, according to the New York Post.

Pictures show the star making his mark with a can of black paint.

Veteran crooner Lionel Richie and Alicia Keys' musician husband Swizz Beatz were among the guests who attended the launch of Lenny's show, which has previously been exhibited in Los Angeles, Berlin in Germany and Vienna, Austria.

Other stars exhibiting at Art Basel this year (15) include Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, whose show is titled Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns, Swizz Beatz, who has put together a three-day art and music series, and rapper A$AP Ferg, who stars in his own photography exhibit.