A woman who worked on one of the rocker's tours was inside the building when gunmen took hostages and staged a mass shoot-out during an Eagles of Death Metal gig.

Around 89 revellers were killed in the massacre, but Kravitz's former tour worker survived by playing dead.

She was texting Kravitz's friend, named only as Craig, throughout the siege, and the rocker was disturbed to hear the traumatic details as the violence unfolded.

"I was in the Bahamas when I heard about (the Bataclan shooting). I heard about it before it hit the news," Kravitz tells Rolling Stone magazine.

"A friend in Paris got a text from somebody inside, saying what was going on. This was a close friend of somebody who works with me in my camp. The details were quite chilling. It was horrific and the bravery this person had while being wounded and texting the details."

The Fly Away singer adds of the survivor, "(She) worked on my tour staff... on my last tour (in catering)... (She) was injured and the person who was with them, their man, was killed. They were working for the band.

"She wrote to my friend Craig, saying how she had to play dead the whole (time) lying amidst the bodies."

The musician, who has a home in Paris, also revealed that another friend had planned to go to the Eagles of Death Metal concert but decided to sell the ticket before the show.

More than 130 people died in the attacks on Paris as gunmen and suicide bombers targeted an international soccer match, restaurants and bars, as well as the rock gig at the Bataclan.