Lenny Kravitz got into a heated row over a chocolate bar on Thursday (21.09.17).

The 'Fly Away' hitmaker - who is currently recording his new album in Paris - ignored the black-tie dress code when he attended the opening of the Paris Opera Ballet at the Palais Garnier, opting for leather trousers and jacket, shades, and an unbuttoned polka dotted black shirt, and infuriated the man sitting in front of him when he unwrapped a sweet treat just minutes after the lights went down.

According to a source, the unnamed man said: ''Shhhh! Stop eating! Stop eating!''

An onlooker said Lenny then got out of his seat and ''confronted'' the man, allegedly shouting: ''Don't tell me what to do.''

However, the man yelled back: ''This is France!''

The New York Post newspaper's Page Six column claimed he was then grabbed by another woman, who said about the annoyed man: ''You don't know who that is!''

The 53-year-old rocker replied: ''I don't care -- don't tell me what to do.''

A source admitted the situation was ''uncomfortable'' for everyone nearby.

They said: ''It was really uncomfortable. It looked like Lenny was going to punch out this guy's lights in the City of Light.''

Lenny returned to his seat for several minutes, before leaving the room, only to return 15 minutes later to watch the rest of the show.

And the performance had a soothing affect on the 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' singer because, ''clearly moved by the dancing'', he was seen with the man who had confronted him earlier.

A source said: ''[They were] apologising and hugging it out, making amends for their misunderstanding.''

And a friend of Lenny said: ''He was coming from the studio, he had a piece of chocolate and this guy got annoyed. He really does live by the words 'let love rule.' ''