Rock hunk Lenny Kravitz has slammed reports he cheated on former girlfriend Nicole Kidman as a "bold-face lie".

The ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY? singer briefly dated the OSCAR-winning superstar last year (03) but the pair split after a few months amid reports Kravitz had been caught secretly romancing Brazilian artist Isis Arruda.

However, wildman Lenny is keen to set the record straight, blaming the erroneous rumour for tarnishing his reputation.

He fumes, "That was never the fact. It was made up.

"Certain things I can take, I have taken them for years. But these are just bold-face lies. I try to take the high road, like, okay, I let it go. But after a while you have to stand up for yourself. It makes me look bad and it never happened."

17/05/2004 20:53