Rocker Lenny Kravitz is launching his own fashion label - and hopes to share in the success enjoyed by other musicians who have taken up designing.

The ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY hitmaker set up his own interior design company earlier this year (05) but his creativity was not satisfied, and now he is looking to create a complete lifestyle range.

He says, "I'm working on a fashion house and home line. Everyone's been doing it. You've got PUFFY and J.LO, and GWEN (STEFANI) doing a great job at it, and I've just kind of been laying back. Now's the time for me to do it.

"It's interesting. It's more of a life-style brand. It's something that's just another outlet for me. I'm not doing it to slap my name on things and sell them. Obviously, yes, it's about business, but for me, it's a completely creative outlet."