Former heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis is today (4JUL04) celebrating the birth of his first child, a baby boy - after a secret pregnancy.

The tot is Lewis' first child with 26-year-old girlfriend VIOLENT CHANG, who he has been dating for four years.

The 38-year-old officially retired from boxing five months ago and announced that he planned to marry later this year.

Lewis mother will be hoping his son doesn't follow in his footsteps and take up boxing. She once said, "Some day I hope to see some little ones running around.

"Lennox will be a very good and protective father. But I don't want my grandchildren to follow him into the ring. I wouldn't want a mother to have to go through that.

"I'd prefer them to be a doctor or a lawyer... anything but a fighter."

04/07/2004 15:47