300 actress Lena Headey has been battling depression for nearly two decades. The star of hit new U.S. TV Terminator spin-off The Sarah Connor Chronicles reveals the condition first struck when she was a teenager. The 34-year-old Brit admits the blues got so bad at times, she considered suicide. She says, "I found the teenage years very difficult. My mum took me to the doctor, and he said it was depression. It was a relief just to know what it was. It comes and goes." Headey has managed to control her depression, without medication, and insists she only struggles with violent mood swings a couple of times a year. She adds, "I don't use medication because I'm worried about becoming dependant on it. "When the depression comes it is very intense, and you can't see beyond it." And her suicidal thoughts have dwindled: "I guess there have been thoughts in my head but not enough to do anything about them."