Withnail & I star RICHARD E. Grant is to join the cast of Lena Dunham's cult Tv hit GIRLS.

The news explains the Brit's tweet from last week (26Mar13), in which he detailed his plans to secure a U.S. work visa.

Grant wrote, "Dawn run to the USA Embassy to get a work Visa for a job I am so excited about but am under gagging orders which might cause colonic spasms."

However, the visa plan didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped - Grant faced a last-minute panic as he waited for the return of his passport 24 hours before making the trip to the U.S on Wednesday (03Apr13).

In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, he wrote, "Tracked package online. Claimed it was delivered Saturday... Have now gone two shades of splenetic and ready to machete anything with tonsils on any so called customer non service helpline."

The actor later informed followers the lost passport had been found and safely delivered.

Grant will appear in the Girls season three premiere, playing a character called Jasper, and he took to Twitter again over the weekend (06Apr13) to detail his meeting with his "new boss" Dunham.

He tweeted, "Getting cast in Girls by young Lena D, Legend In The Making, is about as tops as it's possible to get! Lena Dunham is as articulate, immediate and accessible as you'd wish her to be and has a natural gift of speaking in wholly formed paragraphs. Awe."