The Girls creator joined the website this week (beg18Jan16), and had gained almost 11,000 followers as of Wednesday (20Jan16).

She has also published an essay on the site in which she dishes out advice to fellow female professionals, urging them to start using the word "no" in order to take back control of their work and personal lives.

"We live in a culture of Yes. The common self-help wisdom is that we benefit from seizing opportunities," she writes. "Yes, do try hiking in Fiji! And yes, accept a date with that handsome Italian who works at the bar you frequent... In fact, 2015 was my year of no... and I plan to make 2016 an even NO-ier one. I am in YES recovery. Like many humans, many women, I am a people pleaser... A delightful cocktail of self-doubt blended with the need for constant approval had me convinced that 'yes' was the key to my like-ability..."

Lena goes on to conclude, "We can only pull off a high wire act for so long before gravity does its job. The more my personal relationships suffered, the more I wanted to work. The more I worked, the more work I had to do...

"It was a slow process, but a polite 'no' soon entered my vernacular. 'I can't do it realistically by Friday'... And something miraculous happened: my personal life followed suit. I can't be at the birthday party. I don't want to go to laser tag ever as long as I live. I am exhausted. People respond well to honesty, to reality. They understand. And so with those no's (sic), YES sprung back up everywhere. Funny how that works."