Lena Dunham ''really wants'' to have kids.

The 28-year-old actress is happily settled with Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff and wants to have a family with him, but not until she is less busy with work so she can fully ''experience'' pregnancy.

She said: ''I really want to have kids. I just want to do it at a moment where... As a working woman, it's not realistic that you shout everything down and pay full attention to your pregnancy every day, but I want to do it at a moment when I can really feel like I can be present and experience it.''

The 'Girls' star recently fuelled speculation she had got engaged, and though she isn't bothered about getting married, she sometimes wishes Jack had proposed because of the excitement it generates in others.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''I posted an image from my PhotoBooth and it had reversed, so it looked like I had a ring on my left finger and all these people were like, 'Yay! Engaged!'

''And even though I don't want to gt engaged, I wish I could be like, yes guys! The big news! Because there is still the Thing.

''When someone gets engaged, it's like there's a big shiny thing on their finger and everyone's screaming, 'You're a worthy human being, someone wants to marry you.' ''