The Girls co-creator shared a note on Instagram with the caption "this is not a poem" in which she said the new President was like a father to all U.S. women, but they are rebellious and don't care what their "daddies" think.

Donald Trump only recognises the humanity of women who look like his daughter/But after this weekend he better know that we are all his daughters," she wrote.

“The kind who f**k with his friends and flirt with his enemies/The kind who turn it out and rage out/The kind who don’t give a s**t what our daddies think and recognise the way so many fathers have failed us.”

The actress received backlash for her message, with many sharing it along with the hashtag #notmydaddy. Lena then deleted it and instead posted a note listing tips for "Internet heartbreak" titled "when to delete a post".

She lists giving away TV spoilers and upsetting her family as top reasons to delete and then continues, "when it is inadvertently offensive and someone intelligently schools you" and "when it becomes a thread of people spewing hatred and division (not thoughtful dissent) and the word sl*t is all over the comments and you're like 'this party cannot be saved, the DJ is bad and the guests took whack Molly (MDMA).'"

The 30-year-old later took to Twitter to assure her female followers she is campaigning for all of them, even if they don't like her or her political views. She added, "No matter what. With love. That's feminism and it's saved me."

This is the latest in a series of comments Lena has made which have landed her in hot water. In December (16) she apologised for saying she wished she had experienced abortion so she could use her celebrity status to fight the stigma surrounding the procedure.