Lena Dunham has never been interested in marriage.

The 'Girls' star is very happy in her relationship with Fun musician Jack Antonoff - who she was rumoured to have got engaged to following an Instagram post of a ring - but has admitted she's never been of those women who has dreamt about her big day since she was a youngster.

She explained: ''I was never the person who grew up saying, 'I can't wait for my wedding.' Weddings are lovely and it's a great excuse to dance and eat food and then scream at people, but then you have to get married.''

The 28-year-old actress has admitted she's not in a rush to tie the knot with her beau and wants to wait until gay marriage is legalised across the whole of the US.

She said: ''I don't want to get married until it's possible for everyone - no matter what their sexuality is - to get married all over the United States. I don't have any interest in doing it until then.''

The brunette beauty believes her and Jack's relationship works so well because she's able to be herself around him and he accepts her for who she is.

She told Australia's Cleo magazine: ''I think it's really nice to have somebody who supports you and loves you and who is connected to every aspect of your life, but I think in the best relationships, you still remain yourself. You just have a more pleasant ride of it.''