British actress KATE BECKINSALE still hasn't mastered driving in Los Angeles - and she fears she'll never be able to get behind the wheel of a car there. The UNDERWORLD star doesn't have a driving licence and feels far from confident about taking her test in California, where she lives with director husband Len Wiseman and her daughter. She explains, "I got as far as using a golf cart on the lot... I actually got that very intimidating book of road signs but I never feel more foreign than (when I'm) talking about driving or dealing with children's schools. "That's when I just feel like I just stepped out of (British TV sitcom) FAWLTY TOWERS. "(Actor) Sean Astin taught me to drive for a second, for a night, but I don't want to unleash myself on Los Angeles after a one-night lesson. I don't think that would be wise for anybody. "I don't know how it works here. In England they've got that system where the other people (instructor) have got a pedal so they can stop you, which they don't have here. "Here in LA they have Driver's Ed (education). I'm so elderly compared to everybody else (taking lessons)."