The directors of 'Lemmy' were nervous about how its more poignant moments would be received.

The film, made by directors Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver, follows the everyday life of the titular hard drinking, hard living Motorhead rocker, but were initially worried about how both he and his son, Paul, would react to a scene where they open up about their relationship.

Director Greg Olliver said: "They just sat down and started talking and all that stuff came out so for sure, that's a touching beautiful moment."

His co-director Wes Orshoski added: "We weren't sure if Paul would go for it or Lemmy would go for it, obviously there is some stuff that can make you wince in that scene, because Lemmy just makes no apologies and just says what he wants to say.

"And I was really nervous about how Paul was going to react to the film and one of the things that meant the most to me was after the film premiered in march Paul came up and gave me a really tight, long hug and there were tears in his eyes and that was amazing."

Although they eventually triumphed in making the film, Wes said because they did it themselves with little outside backing, it was a difficult experience, and took them around three years.

He added: "It was definitely very hard man, from financing to scheduling, to getting Lemmy in the right mood or whatever, it was not an easy film."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24.