British soul singer Lemar has hit back at reports he romanced Joss Stone, insisting he could never cheat on his girlfriend. Lemar and the YOU HAD ME star were snapped languishing on a boat in Barbados earlier this year (06), and the media immediately assumed they were in a relationship together. But the R+B hunk insists that, while temptation is always present in his line of work, all he needs to do is think of his partner of ten years to keep his feet on the ground. He says, "We discussed the stories about me and Joss. There might have been a little rift in our conversation but we talked about it. "My partner knew where I was and what I was doing and how long I was there for. "I speak to her every night and if people are going to write something they're going to write something. "It's hard in this business because there are so many reasons for distrust. Once you achieve fame you get a lot of attention from girls. "I'm a human being, so of course I see the opportunities that are there, but I've never been unfaithful - I will always remember that my girlfriend is the one who knew me when I was pushing trolleys in (British supermarket) Sainsbury's and driving delivery vans."