Actress Leighton Meester left traffic cops concerned and terrified when they stopped her for speeding and discovered she had blood all over her face.
The Gossip Girl star was dashing home after shooting new thriller The Roommate and had forgotten to wipe the fake goo off her face.
She says, "My character goes through a lot of problems... (and) I ended up with a lot of blood on my face... I looked like I had been in a cage fight.
"The police pulled me over... I might have been going a little fast... They were like, 'How much have you had to drink?' and when I said, 'Nothing,' they said, 'Get out of the car'. They made me do the follow the finger and the whole thing and then they were like, 'When does the movie come out?'
"I was just so out of it from the movie, I wasn't drunk... I was in a weird state of mind, driving home and it was about three o'clock in the morning... I think they thought somebody had beaten me up."