Leighton Meester wants her shoes to "speak" to her.

The 'Gossip Girl' actress says she loves all types of footwear and will pick out shoes on whether she likes them, not on who they're designed by.

She said: "I search for shoes that really speak to me, not the designer. "If it's my daily kind of shoe, I usually go for the same type of style, like a platform with a thick heel. But I think variety is important."

She also says she's quite practical when it comes to her footwear and would never walk her dog in heels.

She said: "When I'm walking the dog, I wear sneakers because they look and feel better."

Leighton, 25, recently revealed she is a huge fan of luxurious French footwear label Roger Vivier because they are classic designs with a modern twist.

She said: "Vivier is a very classic look, but then they have stuff with studs...they have a signature and the shoes are beautifully made but they still have an edge. I love those gloves."