Leighton Meester lived in a house with Hugh Laurie and Allison Janney while they were filming new movie The Oranges and they became "like a family".

The Gossip Girl star appears in the film as a young girl who has an affair with her parents' much older neighbour, played by the House star.

She has now revealed she lived with Laurie during the shoot, along with The West Wing star Janney, who plays her mother.

They were joined in the house by Meester's onscreen father Oliver Platt and actor Adam Brody, and Meester admits she enjoyed living with her co-stars.

She tells the New York Daily News, "It was a wonderful experience. We actually did become like a family. Hugh would be playing piano in the den downstairs, while I played my guitar. Oliver (Platt) brought his kids in and really acted like my dad. We all had dinner together every night."