Leighton Meester has "one per cent" in Common with her 'Gossip Girl' character.

The fashionable actress has portrayed New York socialite Blair Waldorf in the US TV comedy drama series since 2007 but doesn't believe she has many similarities to her because she is "incredibly manipulative and conniving."

Leighton - who plans to leave 'Gossip Girl' in two years - said: "I work on a show where I feel literally, maybe one per cent in common with the character.

"You have to somehow find common ground; otherwise you hate them. The character I play on 'Gossip Girl' is incredibly manipulative and conniving and, you know, this heightened personality in this weird universe that doesn't even really exist."

The 24-year-old beauty also finds it hard to see how people try and imitate Blair because she has too many clothes to copy.

Asked why the show has spawned "wannabes" of her character, she told PopEater: "I don't see why. It seems like it would be really difficult, even just the clothes, the different bag every day."

Leighton recently revealed she used to skip classes in school in favour of smoking marijuana.

She said: "It's funny that I'm now getting to live through what school should have been glamorous and full of parties. But I didn't do any of that stuff. I hated school.

"I'd do anything but be in school, so I'd skip class. I wasn't dating around, but we'd smoke pot."