Leighton Meester hates being called a fashion icon.

Although the 'Gossip Girl' star thinks her personal style has been influenced by both her move to New York and her time on the show, she wishes people weren't so interested in what she wears because she only dresses to please herself.

She said: "'Gossip Girl' has absolutely changed my style. And living in New York I've become more brave and aware of fashion.

"I completely close my eyes to it when people call me a fashion icon because it's an opinion from people that I don't know. I wear what I like."

While most actresses feel pressure to stay in shape, Leighton, 25, says working keeps her fit but admitted she doesn't care about her weight and happily tucked into ribs every day while shooting her latest film 'Country Strong'.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I do a lot of working so that's a lot of working out for me in my life. I don't feel any pressure to be a particular shape.

"During the filming of 'Country Strong' I felt totally free to eat some ribs!"