LATEST: Fallen pop idol Leif Garrett's mother is begging her son to seek rehab help after he was busted for heroin possession in Los Angeles at the weekend (14JAN06).

Designer CAROLYN STELLAR attended her son's arraignment hearing at the Los Angeles County Courthouse yesterday (18JAN06) and told reporters that Garrett's dishevelled look and prison clothing attire made her "sick to my stomach".

Distressed Stellar wept as her son was arraigned on charges he violated the terms of his probation for a previous drug offence, and then urged the authorities to demand Garrett seek help.

She said, "He needs rehab. It's a disease and he needs help."

Stellar still supports her son: "I just want him in rehab, to get well."

Police arrested Garrett on Saturday (14JAN06) after he allegedly tried to ride the Downtown Los Angeles subway without a ticket.

While conducting a body search, police officers allegedly discovered heroin in one of his pockets. Garrett is still on probation after pleading guilty to attempted possession of narcotics last March (05).