Leeza Gibbons, the 53-year-old former talk show host, is set to marry her boyfriend of two years STEVEN FENTON, after revealing that the couple got engaged back in June 2010, reports People Magazine.
Gibbons said that 40-year-old Fenton proposed to her on the front lawn of the couple's new home in Los Angeles, saying, "He was on one knee and I was on Cloud 9! I have a ring but we decided that I won't wear it until we have a private exchange of vows". Fenton is the President of the Beverly Hills Board of Education, and the couple met after being set up on a blind date two years ago, Gibbons added, "In the beginning, the age thing tripped me up for a minute. I believe in love and I always held onto the belief that I would find it again but I didn't think it would come in the form of Steven".
The couple have yet to set a date for the wedding, but Gibbons said when the big day does arrive, Fenton will have to commit to marrying into the entire family, saying, "Steven knew he wasn't just marrying me, he was marrying into a family that included my kids". The 53-year-old has three children from two previous marriages.